Day 18: Do You Believe in God?

Day 18
November 25, 2017

Dear Me,

Do I believe in God? Of course I do! My family is not a Roman Catholic. There are four of us in the family and we have two different religions. My father and my brother are both Alliance while my mother and I are both Latin Catholics. My family is not really a stickler to following religious practices like going to church on Sundays or going to church at all and even if we have two different religions in the family, it does not hinder us from our belief in God at all. Growing up, my parents were always busy with work especially my father since he is a sea man and so he is always at work and while my mother is a government employee and does not work on weekends, she prefers to rest and spend her weekend doing things to unwind. We did not make it a practice to go to church every Sunday but my parents have instilled in me my strong faith in God and that even if we do not go to mass, we have the Bible at home, our faith, and our personal prayers after we wake up, during the day, and before we go to bed. My parents have taught me to never forget God and always pray especially in times when I really need him.

Your pain in the ass,

Disclaimer: The questions that I am using for the ‘Ask Yourself’ will come from the mobile app called Questions Diary which is available in Play Store. I decided to write my answers here because I wanted to share my thoughts to anyone who’ll stumble upon this. This is also a way for me to try to get myself to write everyday.


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