Day 14: What Scares You More? Darkness or Silence?

Day 14
November 7, 2017

Dear Me,

Hmm, I am not sure which to choose. I like to sleep alone with the lights off and I am also alright with the lights going out and just chilling around as long as I am with someone. There are times I feel anxious when I am awake and alone in the dark because I feel like someone is watching me. I admit that I believe in spirits and whatnot because I have seen one in real life and I also witnessed possession first-hand and I also believe that I am sensitive enough to sense when something malicious is near me. But I do believe it is normal for humans to fear the dark because you cannot see anything so maybe I was just paranoid.

On the other hand, I am used to hearing noises before and while waking up and total silence is eerie. I hate too much noise but I love calming sounds like nature and thunder (yes, lightning and thunders calm me).

With that said, it seems like silence scares me more than darkness. What about you?

Your pain in the ass,

Disclaimer: The questions that I am using for the ‘Ask Yourself’ will come from the mobile app called Questions Diary which is available in Play Store. I decided to write my answers here because I wanted to share my thoughts to anyone who’ll stumble upon this. This is also a way for me to try to get myself to write everyday.


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