Day 13: What Do You Like About Yourself?

Day 13
November 6, 2017

Dear Me,

This question is a bit hard since I honestly find it a bit challenging to compliment myself unless I am feeling really vain and cocky. But if I have to choose, I would say that I like how I can achieve almost anything as long as I set my focus on it. I also like how strong my mind is because I found that I can be rational even in the middle of chaos. It seems like I have learned how not to just react but think first before doing anything and more often than not, this makes me seem indifferent to a lot of things when in truth I just do my best to look at any situation at different angles and point of views.

I like knowing all sides first before judging and I hate it when others generalize groups of people to be like this and that. I will be honest and admit that even though my mind knows what the truth is, my emotions sometimes do not get the memo and start to make me feel things that do not make sense. I believe, however, that is because I was conditioned that way by how I was raised.

Anyhow, I really do find it difficult to say something good about myself because mainly I feel like I am overestimating myself and be cocky.

Your pain in the ass,

Disclaimer: The questions that I am using for the ‘Ask Yourself’ will come from the mobile app called Questions Diary which is available in Play Store. I decided to write my answers here because I wanted to share my thoughts to anyone who’ll stumble upon this. This is also a way for me to try to get myself to write everyday.


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