Being an Active Potato

Hi there! My name is Quennie. I am 22 years old. I weigh 163 pounds and apparently I am overweight for age and height. Now, I am not really that bothered about my weight especially since I do not really feel like moving around when I have nothing to do but alas, my parents has been constantly nagging me about working out and I am getting pissed off. I know they mean well but it seems like they still have not figured out how my mind works. I want to do these kinds of things at my own pace but since they achieved on grating my nerves then I finally busted my ass starting yesterday.

Truthfully, I was heavier when I got into college. I used to weigh 176 pounds but then I got motivated to lose weight in my 2nd year of college. I succeeded and lost 24 pounds. I felt great then. I felt lighter, energized, and more confident about myself but then my course was a very demanding one and gave us a lot of work to do so stress piled up and deadlines to meet that whenever I had a free time that I could have used to workout, I spent them resting and sleeping instead. Eventually, I started to dismiss working out altogether and started to eat a lot again.

Now, I have noticed that having writing prompts is helping me write and post everyday and so I have decided to do a weekly update on my progress. I am using the Couch to 5K Program from NHS because this was the program that I used when I was still in college and it was the only one that worked well for me. If anyone of you is interested in joining me in this program, I’ll give you the routine for the 1st week:

Schedule: Pick three days in the week and make sure to have a rest day after work out day. For example, I will choose Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for my workout days and I will keep Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday as my rest days. However, you can still do a Stretch and Flex routine during your rest days to build your flexibility.

  • 5 minutes of brisk walking
  • 1 minute of running
  • 1 minute and 30 seconds of walking

Repeat the running and walking for a total of 20 minutes and when you are done, please do not forget to cool down.

With this routine, I remember that I did not prevent myself from eating whatever I wanted. I eat anything but in moderation. It helped me build my discipline over my food intake. I ate anything but I lessened my sodium, sugar, and carbohydrate intake. I leaned more to vegetables, fruits, wheat bread, oatmeal, salads, and plain biscuits. I also made sure to drink more than 8 glasses of water too because hydration is VERY important.

I hope this gets me more motivated to work out.

The resident potato,


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