Day 10: Why Do You Put Yourself Down?

Day 10
November 3, 2017

Dear Me,

In a previous post I said that I self-hate, yes I do but it is not only because I really do not like myself but it is also my way of keeping myself in check. I have a tendency to get cocky and over-confident about my own abilities (although I never voice it out loud) and then by some diving punishment, I often fail at what I set myself out to do with that kind of mindset. So really, self-hate is not a totally bad thing for me because it does keep me humble especially in times when I succeed and I need to keep my head from inflating.

Your pain in the ass,

Disclaimer: The questions that I am using for the ‘Ask Yourself’ will come from the mobile app called Questions Diary which is available in Play Store. I decided to write my answers here because I wanted to share my thoughts to anyone who’ll stumble upon this. This is also a way for me to try to get myself to write everyday.


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