Day 9: What is Your Gender Identity?

Day 9
November 2, 2017

Dear Me,

I believe myself to be heterosexual but for these past few years, I have been curious. I mean, I am attracted to men but there was this one instance where I found myself highly attracted to a young woman. I’m not going to lie, that freaked me out so bad but I guess I found her extremely attractive because besides the fact that she was really pretty, she was also had a healthy dose of confidence, she was intelligent, she was witty, she was artistic (man could she paint), she had a great sense of humor, and a natural leader, basically, she’s the total package ladies and gentlemen. I only got to admire her for a year because she was already a senior while I was about two years behind.

This incident made me question my sexuality. I started to question whether I might be going both ways but I have not been attracted to the same-sex ever since. That incident taught me two things: first is that I do not think I would terribly mind trying to kiss a person of the same sex to see if I’d like it; lastly, it made me realize the qualities that I need and look for a partner.

I believe that I am heterosexual or at the very least bisexual.

Your pain in the ass,

Disclaimer: The questions that I am using for the ‘Ask Yourself’ will come from the mobile app called Questions Diary which is available in Play Store. I decided to write my answers here because I wanted to share my thoughts to anyone who’ll stumble upon this. This is also a way for me to try to get myself to write everyday.


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